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Hello and welcome to BadlyDrawnIcons! No, my icons are not drawn let alone badly. Inspiration for the name came from the singer "Badly Drawn Boy" I just thought it sounded rather catchy =D

The icons posted here mainly consist of some form of game, manga or anime. Although through odd bursts of inspiration I have made other icons out of my 'norm'. I love experimenting with different fonts/textures/brushes and what not so I don't really have a set 'style', though I do have a love for tiny text and gray textures - ohh, and angst! I LOVE THE ANGST!

I don't have strict policies, and won't argue with you, just to save what sanity I still have left. But I do appreciate comments, alot, probably more so than credit (though that would be nice), it just leaves me with a warm fuzzy feeling reading them =3 I am currently working on re-vamping my resource page as my hard drive deleted all my old stuff, so I now use a new bunch of brushes/texture etc.

R E S O U R C E S : A F F I L I A T E S : T H E G I R L

At present I have closed my affiliate listing, as it has grown abit out of control & looks abit messy =/ I do apologize but I wish to sort this community out abit before I start adding new additions.


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